The Prodigy 2009- FRONT ROW!!

Prodigy 2009 Marquee

Prodigy 2009 Marquee

There isnt really a word to describe such a unmerciful breathtaking show that I experienced Thursday night, 18th of June in the Marquee Cork. It was EPIC. Totally insane and ground breaking; The stage was nicely arranged with the artwork from their most recent album, Invaders must die in the background, the speakers took most of the space on the stage along with an amazing amount of lights ranging every colour of the spectrum. The atmosphere was incredible, everyone had a real genuine love for the electric essex rockers and the vibes going around got everyone in the excited mood to go absolutely INSANE! To top it off, the gig was held in a huge marquee tent with blue and red stripes giving it the ultimate prodigy feel.:)

It was my 2nd time seeing the lads, I was 16 when I first encounterred The Prodigy at Oxegen 2005 but I never got to truly experience their raw live talent as they were the last act of the night and I had already missed the majority of it because I was at the main stage watching Green Day. I was too tired to stick around (right at the back as well) so I went back to my tent and let their choonz send me to sleep…zzz….. So to see them again was really like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time, I was totally sober and totally psyhed to see them perform again! To make the experience better I was going with my boyfriend, Ian who had never been to see a concert let alone his favourite band. It was really fun to see how excited he was to it all, he even enjoyed the crushing from the crazed fans:)

The supporting band, ‘Noise Control’ in my opinion, were shit. Although they had a way with the crowd to jump furiously and they got the mood going but I’m debating whether thats down to the pure excitement of Prodigy playing soon or they genuinely enjoyed Noise Control…or the drugs/drink got them energised enough to jump? Regardless, Noise Control didn’t stay long much to my enjoyement. We then had a rather dubious looking Dj who played some really old tracks, I still prefered it to Noise…because that was all it was in the end. Noise. Couldn’t hear a word. Emo shit.

9.00 arrived and Prodigy emmerged on the stage, wired to the tits as they usually are and still looking well regardless of their drug fueled past. They got us screaming and rocking in no time, beginning the show with the brilliant ‘Worlds On Fire’. Ian and I had predicted the tracks they would play first and last. We never expected this! It was brilliant though. Maxim teased the crowd with his hands outstretched to the fans but not close enough for them to actually touch his hands when singing ”too close you’re too close. you’re too close to the wire” It rocked.

Maxim was impressive so up close, he sings really well and is amazing live and Flinty (Keith) was just incredible! The whole show he didn’t stop once dancing, he was all over the place! He was brilliantly insane with his lyrics and dance moves, he was constantly in the crowds face and giving the scary glares. I made sure he saw me glarring at him with my tongue out.. He was so good with the crowd he really looked at you when you got his attention..quite intimidating lol!:) I really have to hand it to Liam though, because he is the brains behind the band. He was non stop, even when the band left the stage for a couple more lines (you know its true..) he stayed going. Ugh-m a z i n g. The drummer was insane as well as the guitarist, Rob and Leo. The live act was just amazing. They played a good mix of tunes ranging from the Invaders album(Invaders must die, Omen reprise breaking into OMEN, take me to the hospital, warriors dance, worlds on fire, run with the wolves) to oldies such as Firestarter, breathe, Their Law(Got a video of the whole song-wow) poison, fuel my fire, jericho, commanche, smack my bitch up, voodoo People finishing with the beyond brilliant Out Of Space, the last chorus the band stopped and let the crowd sing it. It was a really good way to end it and what a good show of non stop moshing,jumping,crunching and smashing our bodies to the tunes. Keith spat water from the bottle into our faces and I touched Maxims arm! My highlight of my life ha ha:)

I pulled a muscle (at least I think I did!) in my tummy, got bottled, got trampeled, crushed and I lost my hearing in one ear for over 24hours.. and I would do it all over again…It was the best show I have been to in years! I cant get over the genious of them lads. They’re actually insane! What a fucking class live band:)

Youtube Link to see my video of  Their Law live 18th June 2009:


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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