Wallis Bird






What a brilllliant beyond brilliant night!! It was one of the best gigs I have ever been too.. I honestly didn’t expect such a mind blowing show, it was very very good. The sound was just perfect and the stage wasn’t too tall so we could really stand next to Wallis and her band. I was blown away by Wallis’s raw energy and beautiful talent, she never stopped. When she wasn’t dancing with the music she was splitting nails and breaking guitar strings- and she stayed playing even through the blood! Wallis really is one of those rare people who sound even better live than on cd. She’s magnificent the way she is so in touch with her fans and really appreciated the crowd, she made a huge circle of hugs and walked down into the crowd greeting each of us through songs, I even got a lovely hug from Wallis:)

Her guitar

Her guitar

 Oneof my fave things in the night is (apart from hugging Wallis and getting to touch her beautiful sunflowery guitar!) is the fact that she took the time to personally sign every cd that was on sale, I was delighted when I saw she had signed the cd Ian bought me. I can’t stop signing her songs! Wallis also stage-dived and it was brilliant! After the show the band and Wallis went down towards the bar end of the area and got a drink for themselves with the fans, she’s so down to earth and loving and amazing live… was eye opening, I loved every second of it. Wallis Bird and her band ROCK.




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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