So here I am

Moved in, unpacked and got settled. Its amazing.

Living alone is great fun, my roommates are lovely and Im actually drinking and eating and socialising alot more healthily. College is great, my course is really fun and hands on – the type of art I love and the people i’m meeting everyday are my type of arty people! I love it here.

I’ve come home now for the evening for some familyness and really good grub and see my animals and my beautiful beau ;) I’m downloading some tunes seeing as I don’t have any internetty yetti at the cork! My phone has officially died from all the beating I regularly gave it accidentally, so now I am phoneless, internet less and broke. Luck is just not my friend these days!

Tesco is my new bestfriend and so is the new dunnes for cheap strawbs…yummmm! I bought a weeks shopping for myself for €7 wooo! This is obviously my idea of food shopping…lettace and coleslaw sort of thing, but hey, It fills me up and keeps me healthy so I’m happy:) College life is getting better everyday and the fun just keeps coming, I haven’t laughed so much in ages…I love my roommates they’re just amazingly funny!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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