Our dear little cave…

Actually caved in.


Early Sunday morning I received an aul text off  Sinead informing me that our dear old house has finally given up on us! The ceiling fell through.. What started off as a slight crack in the ceiling turned into a bastard 8ft wide hole! So now we are all living back in our own homes with the joys of bastard brothers..or sisters in sineads case! Its not all too bad though, this means I have a week of amazing food that stretches past pasta and cheese! I get to eat a weeks worth of vegetables and really good hot food! I get to hang out with Mumma for a week and also see my littlen brothereenie and spend time with my boyfriend! So out of this stress and crap I get a really good week at home!:) We’ll have to do an extra weeks worth of partying when we all get back in the house to make up for lost time.. :)

Downfall is I miss my Shockers Film Festival…dedicated to the macabre and horror fans:( I was really excited for that! I was gonna dress up and everything…awhh. I might still be able to go depending on travel and such..

I’m in a real good mood to go travelling and experience the world all of a sudden. I just wanna get up and goooo man.



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