Return of the Cave..

I have now been back in the horrible dwellings of the Cave for a little over a week. On my return I found damp, a kitchen needed desperately to be cleaned(MOULD in cups/plates/saucers etc..)and more damp, living room disgusting and other etc’s not needed to be mentioned(cave is always gross to anyone who hasnt already experience the torment)


Meself et Shawwwnarrghh decided to jazz up the gaff and put trinketty things and make the place pretty pretty and, wait for it.. liveable. We went charity shopping for the rare little wonders I always seem to find when shopping with the mumma, found some wonderful thingies for mum but sadly only a few bobbins for the house. Sharrnarghh jazzed her room up with a lumionous green light bulb, her bedroom is like a rave cave now! I brought in a few fairy lights and numerous ”drongo” blankets as Kerr calls them. (Drongo= Hippy= me apparently..) So now the cave is certainly got a little Sylvie spark to it! Its actually quite cozy now I’ve added a little touch to it.

ADDICT to herbal tea these days, can’t even drink the normal tea bags! Feels rotten when i’ve mistakenly put in a normal tea bag instead of the wonderful amazing elephant tea I drink.. Today I went into my tea tin to grab a few bags for college and to my horror…only 3 tea bags left! Then NORMAL tea….YUCK!! Im almost considering going home to raid the cubboards of the homestead to get my beloved elephant tea.. Good excuse to see the mumma and the pappa:)

The parentals and baby brother (not sure about xbox boy) have been telling me how much there missing me! I was really touched by that, especially how dad told me he missed me! Dawwhhh:) I  miss all of you as well soo much, need to come back to the homestead to fill the house with my artyness it seems! ”It’s not the same here without you” dad said. Awhh! ♥

Another update; Recent interest in a certain someone is growing large. I’m crazy about him:)


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