I’ve always wanted..

A sister.

Now, I’m actually getting one!! This news is the best most exciting news of the year, I was already estatic that we were all going to have a new arrival in the walsh family..but a sister is just absolutely perfect! I found out last week whilst I was taking little Tiggy to the cinema, I literally started screaming out loud in the high street with shocked looks from both Tiggy and people passing by. Not only was I getting weird looks for screaming but crying also added to the scene! Tiggy wasn’t too moved by it all.. He was more concerned about getting to see the film on time, his dinky legs wouldn’t carry him all the way over and he was fast getting tired! We celebrated with Mcy D’s and I took the rest of the day off college! Me and my friends celebrated that night too with a good old house party which included messyness, a lot of vodka on my part and it not finishing till the early hours of the morning.. :)


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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