Boredom causes..

Odd choices and strange plans.

Yesterday was Tuesday, and Tuesday to us is the day the lads call over to the Cave and we all binge out after (or during) college, depending on how each of us feels. Conor or Tom, mostly Conor sits on the floor as we do not have enough seats to accompany each friend so one always goes without, but gets many a cushion to sit on to make up for it:) So as the binge went on to late ish hours and the lads took it in turns to get their asses outta the squatter hole we live in, boredom crept up on myself and shawna.. so what did we do? We bleached my hair. I havent dyed my hair in a while so I wasnt really expecting anything other than blond.. but thru past experiences my hair hasn’t taken well to bleach before…incidents with the toilet bleach at an old friends prooved that firey orange is really a hard colour to pull off (if your a GOFF…at the time I was!) But lo and behold my hair failed me yet again, its short brunnetty bounce is now a mass of firey blonde roots and lightish orangey ends.. Its different to my last accident. Im getting used to it and its nice having a lighter colour but that fact that it is inevitablely GINGE is a problem I cannot get my head around. The nicknames will start I can garrantee and then I will get bored (yet again..) and dye it purple. (Yes I’ve already decided what colour to go next…) Oh dear..


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