What started off as a joke and an idea, actually happened.

I’m going to Amsterdam in 12 days.
No, really.

Mum aggreed for my 21st birthday to send me and dad off to the dam for four wonderous days.. or should i say daze? :P I cannot believe it, I’m still in total shock I think. What started off as just chatting and silly ideas over some vodkas in the pub, ”I’d love to go to the dam again”- ”yeah me 2” actually blossomed into a plan, all we needed was permission from the mumma, which ofcourse but to my supprise she said YES!  So there it is, in 12 days, on the 2nd of March, myself and dad are heading over to the one country I always wanted to go but never actually thort I would! Now all I need to go to is Engaland for Tarni and Paris for photography…..all at some stage in the futre ofcourse:)

Wow..  Amsterdam. I can’t wait!!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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