I’m off travelling to Amsterdam tonight!
Well, technically early tomorrow morning- about half 3am roughly!
Oooh the excitement! I’ve always wanted to go there, this is going to be amazing! I’ve got my camera ready and charged, things are packed, have gloated only a little on Facebook and now i’m waiting to get tired so I can try get some sleep..
Haven’t been sleeping well at all recently, restlessness and over thinking is keeping me up. It sucks. But then as soon as I do get sleep, i’d easilly sleep in untill past 11, half the morning has dissappeared! It’s very annoying knowing I won’t ever get that time back!:(

As of tomorrow, I will yet again be another tourist wandering the small dinky streets of Amsterdam with beloved camera in hand, ready to snap up each wonderful moment. Oh I can’t wait!♥

I must write a checklist of all things important and needed for tomorrows journey..


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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