Herbal tea + shortcake biccies + the sound of rain + talking to shane = ♥

Its been a while since I was last proper blogging.. oh dear!
Since paddys day I’ve done lots o thingies, mainly lunching out with friends, my wifey Shawnargh and the loverly Shane and getting up to no good! But hey, i’m only young once.. It’s part of my job description! (:
Finally went to see the amazing Alice in Wonderland! It was everything I hoped it would be, and more! It was awesome.. So well directed, hats down to Mr. Burton! And Johnny did a really good job of the creepy mad hatter, The red queen was as good as I knew she would be.. She has to be a weirdling, being married to Tim and all! The film itself is really trippy in 3D, I highly reccommend you go see this film whilst its still in cinemas! ♥

Whenever I wasn’t in college I was wondering town with my friendlings aimlessly doing the usual nothing of importance, Tuesday we held a birthday shindig for Shane at The Cave, It was meant to be good, I thought it was good up untill the point where I drank just a weee bit too much of the Vodka and ended up spending the night throwing up all over…Shawna’s bed. I do apoligise my dear!  So basically I missed the whooole party, woke up at 5am and went downstairs to throw up some more, realising the party had died I just went back to bed, this time bringing an equally drunk Shane with me. The next day was awful, but to soothe our aching hangovers we all went down to centra (a big enough group of us, about 8 in total!) in town and bought calipos and pizza and orange juice..and collapsed on the decking by the river at the end of grand parade, for about 4 hours. It was epic. Best hangover cure ever! Just all of us lying out on the decks in the sun, each cuddled into their own gathering many a strange look from passer by’s.. Some even stopped and spoke to us! We all looked like the typical art student type, it would have been a fantastic photograph from above I tell you!  (:

During last weekend I had a very laaazy few days with Shane, we trundled around town and discovered that Hot Shakes in cork now do a soya alternative, Shane was introduced to his first full milkshake! Which he adorred, so much so we went back for seconds, but with different flavours! I had a cherry bakewell with marshmellows and my second shake was Milkybar with malteasers and marshmellows.. Seriously nom-nom! Nearly filled up his loyalty card in 2 visits! We spent most nights curled up and tucked under a velvet blanket, watching many a fim and muching into hawaiian pizza and cheesy chips and, ofcourse.. many cups of tea. ♥ Its been pleasant to say the least!

So now I’m finally back hoooommmeee. *CHEERSSS!!! For joy!* Since being back I’ve been swamped with things to get finished for college, end of year is coming up really quickly so written projects are due! I managed to watch a quirky little film last night snuggled on the sofa with my favourite person ever, mumma! Its been so long since I last hung out at home for so long I forgot how nice it is to just relax and watch some telly with my mum. Not to mention to good food I’ve been taking advantage of! :] I plan to do it lots whilst i’m still home! There’s a film on tonight called Donkey Punch on film4.. I plan to watch this, even though I don’t know what its about…I’ve been eyeing it up recently though, might aswell give it a go!

I had my interview for Fashion Design at college, I was accepted but not the level I wanted, but I understand why they didn’t give me my first choice. I still get in to the course so its awesome sauce all the same! Now I just need to fund it…Work all summer, have no life whatsoever?? I think it’s worth it.

Another recent news update, I no longer have orange coloured hair! I bleached it blonde for a while, it was nice but after mum actually begging me to change the colour, said I looked like a drug addict (It was a morning after a big party, anyone would look a state!) So I decided to stick with the obscure hair colours for another while before I decide to calm-a-lama-down and go back to brown natural mess, I chose Neon Blue! It came out really well and looked awesome! But it fades easilly so now its more of a purple tint to it, still it looks cool though!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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