This was the best week ever.

All I can say is.. It really was the best week ever. The summer weather has finally shone down on our little country and everyone was in really happy moods, we all got on well and there was no fighting, our group just a really calm happy week. It was awesome to say the least. It doesn’t get dark now untill gone nine o clock, so we spent our evenings down town in the city either panned out at our little ‘sunbathing’ area (the broadwalk by Grand Parade), behind the church on the grass by Barracks Street or chilling down the steps of the river watching the sun slowly disappear. It’s lovely this time of year when the sun stays in the sky this long. Sun + Sylv = Instant happiness.

Tuesday, was my 21st birthday. I woke up to sunshine and an awesome handmade birthday card from my wonnnnderful boyfriend Shane, we headed out to college for Photography and after College Myself, Shane, Shauna, Conor, Ker and Tom spent the evening wandering the streets in search rare finds from Charity shops and ice lollies from Tesco. We spent a good while lounging around in the sun in our regular spot.. I love the looks we get from passers-by. If you happen to see a group of arty looking students lying on the wooden deck with our shoes off, come say hi! Were very friendly and won’t bite :] We had hot chocolate on the roof of our house and Shawna was our entertainment at the window, major giggles!
That night myself and Shane went to the cinema and we saw ‘Whip It’ and shared choccies, slushies and popcorn together. The film was really good! Very laugh out loud and it put us in a really playful mood.. walking home bare foot with not a care in the world, playing mini games and just lost in each others loveliness.. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

I had a really calm and relaxed birthday, spent in good company with my favourite peeplings in the nicest of weather, and really good munch! I also got some lovely pictures which is something of a necessity these days! What more could one want? I wanted my mum. It was my second birthday without her lovely presence.. I did of course miss her like a hole in the head! But I’m back home now catching up, and soon I’ll be home permanently for the summer so all will be good!

Wednesday was equally awesome, the whole week was amazing infact! For the evening we decided to go out, nightclubs n’ stuff. Me being a complete clutz managed to badly injure myself SOBER. I fell off a table and landed on the table. The bruises are monstrous. It hurt so so so so baad! Picture will be included at some stage! We spent the night out in town and it was a gooden, but I just wanted to go home in the end! I was hungry and the group we were with wern’t the most friendliest bunch..but it was still a good night, I had most of my fun with Shawna and Rachael. (as usual!)

Thursday night was yet another brilliant night! Did the usual, chill out in town, sunbath+ ice lollies, random laughing at nothing etc etc.. Myself, Shane, Kerr and Shawna spent the entire evening from four till nine in the dark room at college doing photography, catching up on deadlines and such.. But it wasn’t boring or sluggish, we were doing it in our own time and having fun with it. I kept scaring Shawna in the dark and Shawna printed her first photograph! She was so excited watching the chemicals turn the white paper into an image it was really sweet. :] After our long evening being goody-two-shoes we headed to Tesco in search of beer and sweets then headed up to the cave for a late evening of laughter, chit chat and fimo making! For such a random un-planned night it was a good laugh! We finished the night with ‘The Hangover’ and snuggles in bed..:]

And today.. More good news! I finaaallly was given my grant money! A lot of back pay meant I could repay the parentals the money I owed them and also opens a few doors of opportunity for meself! I’m very excited…

And now for the night I will be chilling with mumma, attempting to make crazy cupcakes and monster cookies ( i’m not one for baking really..) Also finishing off arty projects and being super creative! And a good catch up on Eastenders and South park! (:

Good evening everybubble! :]


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