Spring Clean, attempt numero dos.

Hello internet again.
I’m back from Cork once again. This time never to return to The Cave. *tear* Sunday last we had a smaaaal gathering of friendlings and new peeplings I did not know and all was going well untill the Landlord decided to show her face to a drunken Sylv and accuse and insult my mum and I. In Shaunahs words I ‘fuuuucccked her outta it’. Which really I did, she was totally out of line under the circumstances and I’m so glad I got to give her a piece of my mind before my flee from the dreaded Cave. So for a small while I was homeless in Cork. I lived with Shane for a few days and got things sorted quickly, thanks to finally buying myself credit I had the resources to gather a plan. I will move in with MonkeyBoy. He’s sound out and a good buddy who I knew owed me a favour so now I have a temporary house to live in! Woo :]
Never sorted my work experience. But considering my family’s situation at the moment work experience is the last thing on my mind. I’ll get someone I know to pretend for me or something!
All last night and today I unpacked my bags from the cave, tidied my room till it was squeaky clean then went through everything and anything I had and chucked it out if I wanted it or not. Theres bags and bags of stuff I don’t want, mostly clothes but also a lot of shit that was plaguing my room. Now its all neat and in order. I sorted out my art cupboard again so my art area is ready to be abused again! I’ve got more projects to get stuck into and take my mind off a lot of things.

Mum’s in hospital untill next Thursday so right now I’m the ‘mum’ of the homestead, even though I haven’t done anything mom-sy as such (unless you count blogging-it is mum’s passion!)  Dads the chef and Alex is still the bum. Tiggy’s as usual, the nerdy computer gaming whizz-kid.


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