10 things I love Sunday.

A little one on the 10 things I love so far this week..

1. My cupcake socks…anything cupcake is hella cute! I can’t get enough of these gorgeous little wonders..

2.  My favourite little newbie to the family, Ellie Bellie!
Words cannot cover the feelings I have for this little’n.. She’s perfect!

3. Living in Connors haunted house!
Its an awesome little house but has its moments where you wonder if your the only one here or not. Many times we’ve heard running around upstairs when were all downstairs and doors constantly slam open and shut. Even the other morning there was two knocks at my bedroom door followed by the door swinging open.. and it wasn’t Connor as he was asleep upstairs. Ghostly happenings are quite an experience! Might try the Quija board soon…:]

4. Disney animations. Especially Wall-E, it’s just incredible! There’s so many other animations I have yet to watch… and I cannot wait for Toy Story 3!

[link: Google.com]

 5. Arty farty bits n bobbles. My inspiration for all things crafty has definately gone to infinity and beyond. I can’t stop making and creating!

6. Spending all my time constantly with Shane. We practically live together at this stage. ^^
This last month since my birthday has been wonderful. Its amazing how we don’t row or get bored of each other. Just get closer and closer the longer we’re together:]  
I love this pic!

7. Planning for my third (or debatably, my fourth) tattoo! It’s been a huge two years since I last got inked, and Im going to add to my neck tattoo with five little crows flying up my neck to meet my first tattoo followed by a little tiny star above the crows. There’s a personal meaning behind it before any of you judge the idea. It’s already drawn up by yours truly, now all I need too do is find a reasonable priced tattoo artist who will make my tattoo beautiful:]

8. Cooking!
I prepared and cooked dinner last night for my mum and I, it was a healthy meal and also my number one favourite! Chicken Ceaser Salad. I really enjoyed making this deeelicious grub! nom nom nom… I want some more..!

9. Finishing college..
Although I never was looking forward to the end of the year I haven’t been enjoying my art course for a while now. Not that I don’t enjoy art, I live eat and breathe art! But the course is so structured and limiting it was suffocating me from my personal artwork. Now that I know the summer is approaching and I’m free to do and make what I like without the teachers changing my ideas I know I can get on and create lots of little wonders for myself and friendlings:] I already have a commissioned piece to get started with! So exciting!

and finally…


I cant wait for more long summer days ahead and *hopefully* hot ones at that! Spending time with friendlings and having the crack at work! Ellie’s first summer and being back at the homestead for longer than a few days!  It’s going to be a gooden me thinks…





I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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