Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, I don’t get the chance when I’m in the city as I didn’t go to college this week…Had a killllerrr toothache and to all that personally know me, you’ll know i’m a complete wussy when it comes to toothaches. Yup. I cried like a baby. Untill the great Mr. Nurofen plus came my way! Nom nom..

But recently! I have been doing many a few groovy things:

I was given the most beautiful little bean of a sister I could have ever imagined! She’s called Ellie-Mae Walsh but fast becoming Ellie Bellie or Yoda as we have all given her nicknames. She’s hella cute, See below post for pictures!
Shane finally came to the Homestead for a loong weekend and got to meet the family and see the roost in which we live in. Results, he was adament that he wasn’t bored and also actually enjoyed his time in the back ass of nowhere! Awhh.. It was lovely having him over to snuggle with and watch many a filmage!
Speaking of Shane and films, He showed me the wonderous world of Wall-E!  I instantly fell head over heels for this film, its beyond me how I never saw it earlier!  aaand Tiggy gave a  lend of Chicken Little, another awesomely cute film! I love animations:]

Been shopping alot on the cheap this last week, thanks to the goverment giving me lots of free moneys! My art supplies have been toadally updated with lots of new gadgets and artsy bits to keep me entertained for another while. It’s funny, since I’ve been out of the structured grip of art college, my personal art has sky rocketed and been much much better than what I was told to do in college. What does that say about structured art courses?  

Recently been introduced to awesom-o band Fell Silent by Tom, I must say the type of music I’ve been listening too lately have been nothing at all as heavy as Fell Silent. I’m much more into californian slow indie music and small label unknown bands. But Fell Silent have gripped me hard! They’re crazy good. Give um a listen willa? :]

I’ve started taking really good care of me the last few weeks. Eating regularly and healthilly and taking care of my skin etc, thanks to my toothache I’ve also given up sweets and choccies, its just not worth that pain again! (I gave myself a ‘night off’ last Friday when I went to the cinema with Shane too see Iron Man 2! Was Eeeepicccc! Go see this film!) And other than that I’ve been doing really well, and I’ve been noticing the results muchly!

Oooh more exciting news, Tattoo number 3 is soon approaching!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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