Goodbye city life, Hello again rural life.

Well as you can probably tell from my title, I’m actually back in the country again for Summer. Today was my last day in town and I will be missing it tremendously. Already am a little!  I don’t start work untill the 6th so I’ve got some spare time on my hands… Busy like a beeee!

Like usual, last night was another late night although not too bad, we ended up going to sleep some time near 4 I thinks, I was hella tired! And had to get up early enough to pack up my belongings away and trundle down to the cinema to see the animation ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We both really enjoyed it, I’m soo glad I saw it it was really funny and clever. We weren’t the only ones in the cinema either, there was a small family with screaming kids and another small family with a child that commented on everything, really loudly. This got on my nerves so bad!  Althouth the kids were kind of funny at some stages.. ‘Why is it called ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ if they dont traaaain them?’ :]

After the cinema myself and Shane trundled down to Peace park for a good old fashioned binj lying out on the grass for my last remaining hour in town. It was lovely! Barefoot on the grass (well sockies on yesh!) and snuggling in the sunshine taking photographs..

So now I’m home and fully snuggled in the living room, all the girls are in here; Mum, me and Ellie Bellie!  I’m going to stay put for the evening here me funks, I’ve got many a song to be downloading and also other things to update online (facefuck,blogs etc..) Then I must sort out my lappy…Its nearly full on both hard drives! I’m screwed…

I miss my Wall-E (:



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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