Update: Friday 14th.

I’m super excited about my new phone, I just can’t leave it alone (like all new things..) I’ve recently realised I can blog from it which is UHMAZING as this was the main reason I wanted a snazzy phone, as I didn’t have internet during the college year so I missed out on blogging alot and following my bloggers, so now I can’t stop using it! ♥

This week all we’ve done really is….Stay up reaaaallly late (like went to bed as the birds sung!)  watching the tellybox and serious filmage, and general hanging out and having an awesome time doing it. During the day we’d go shopping and binj around the city,chilling in Peace park etc and stocking up on munch for the night time:] We had a really good week.

I’ve also re-bleached my hair and dyed it. It’s now a little higher over the shoulder and Barbie blond and Luminous yellow.. It’s definately taking some getting used too! Soon I’m going back to my darker colours.. Possibly Cherry Red again.. I’m sick of blonde!

I finally found and bought the film ‘Let The Right One In’ . I read the book by John Ajivade Lindqvist earlier on in the year and instantly fell in love with its twisted storylines and how he stays true to the original vampire concept, non of this Twilight shit I used to be interested in! It’s a serious read, I fully reccommend the book and the film is a masterpiece in itself, although I was dissappointed with it slightly. (they missed a big majority of the book!) If you prefer the original raw and animalistic vampire to the shite Stephanie Meyer has plagued to our shelves (Yes, I am a hypocrite I did once enjoy these books…Not anymore) then I seriously reccommend you to get this book and film! I’d suggest read the book first so you know what I mean!

This Saturday myself and Mr. o’ Brien are going to see ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ (in 3D!) I’m super excited!! We’ve been meaning to see it since it came out and now we finally can!  I’ll update this saturday when I’m back at the homestead of my adventures:] xoxo.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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