Update: Wednesday 12th

Seeing as there isn’t any internet connection at Connors house aaand I really feel like blogging i’m typing it now and will update it in my blog this saturday.

Yesterday was the last day of college year, its really  sad to see all my friends that i’ve made over the years go off in their own directions and there’s always a chance I may not see them often or every again.. but I suppose the true friends I’ve made will keep in contact over the summer.

Also this is the last week I will be spending in Connors haunted housey.. Which really sucks cause I’ve really enjoyed living in a decent house, compared to the cave this place is a five star hotel! Also the handyness it comes with living so close to the city and being able to see everyone easilly. Living in connors has been really great fun and a nice binjing out spot, I think we’re all going to miss it alot.

Last night you could say was an all-nighter, seeing as the previous few nights we stayed up untill past 3am and likewise, lastnight we went to bed well after 6am. So as you can gather I feel fairly zombied.. Living off coco-pops and herbal tea, and countless episodes of South Park. My life is currently so laid back im almost on the floor! ♥
I’ve got loads of arty projects to be doing over the summer and i’m so excited to be going ahead with it! I’ve been putting it off for too long and now I’ll have lots of free time over the summer so I won’t have any excuses this time.. I’ve filled my arty cupboard up to the tippy top with all supplies so i’m ready to go!

My main goal this summer is too convert my bedroom into a proper organised art studio. Either that or use my mums art studio and have my own little section of it to use and do as I please:]

ALSO, I plan to get right back into my photography. Like with my art in college, my photography suffered as well. So i’m going back to my old style of raw photography.

Tonight myself and Connor are going ghost hunting.. Sounds seriously de-riculas but we are fully sure that there is some force in this house that really wants to connect with us. Should be hilarious! We have the quija board ready to go and our wits are ready to be freaked the fack out! We haven’t started yet and already we’ve experienced bangs and loud crashes about the place… This looks promising! I’ll update on the experience tomorrow if its worth blogging about :]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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