10 Things I Love Sunday.

The week flew so fast! Here’s another Ten Things I Love (:

1. The new album ‘Diamond Eyes’ by Deftones, I downloaded this a few nights ago and instantly fell in love with it. Its classic Deftones, they’ve gone back to the old style and the album is reminiscent of White Pony.. I’m obsessed again!

2. The last few nights at Connors house just binjin out and having a laugh, they were awesome. And my last official morning in town, in the park + sunshine with Shane.. It was Lovely. ♥

3. John Ajvide Lindqvist’s books. I wish they would hurry up and translate the rest of his books to english!! He’s been called the new Steven King. I’ve never read any King books but I have seen a few films of his and I’m not too fond of him.. but Lindqvist’s books are magnificent! And the film is beyond any vampire film I’ve ever seen.

4. Meeting up with old friends♥
My dear old friend Kt is coming over today, we’re going to have a mahousive catch up over cookies and sunshine and possibly a road trip somewhere! I’m excited to be spending my Sunday with her!

5. Restocking my art supplies! My art cupboard is restocked and ready to be used. I’m so looking forward to get back into my work my own way and using all my spare time to make everything arty farty!

6. Tiggy. He’s a boy genius, such a  smart little boy! He’s only 6 and he’s really into his spelling and reading.  He’s best in his class at Irish (Non of us know any Irish and he only learns what he knows from school or friends!)  and he’s reading hard back books at fast pace. He’s amazing, our little Einstein! He’s definitely putting the rest of us to shame!

7. My friendlings(:
Now that it’s the beginning of the summer I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I can’t see my college friends as often I as want. :( I’m getting alot of photographs printed tomorrow so I can continue on my scrapbook/photo album of my life and friends so far this year! I really miss everyone already. I love you guys!

8. Ellie Bellie’s Whale Song. Its beautiful! And hella cute:]

9. My luminos yellow hair.. Its taking some serious getting used too but some peeplings have been telling me it actually suits me, and it does go well with the current sunny weather we’ve been having!

10. My Polaroid camera.. I love taking snaps with this!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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