My week so far…in brief

Last Sunday I hastilly decided to go to Cork/Cobh for a few days to see Shauna for her 18th birthday and Shane for…well I don’t need a reason to see him:]♥ I ended up staying a day longer than expected, due to buses being weird! As usual everything was wonderful and snuggly:] Shauna’s birthday bash was awesome, Shane and I had to leave early but it was still really good. A new thing happened for me, I was drunk after 4 glasses of wine!  It was really funny and loooverrlyy to be with Shauna again, everyone was in the best of moods aswell! I wish we stayed longer!

Shane and I were fairly drunk on the train home..well funny! We had a nice evening just binjin out watching the tellybox and hanging with his friends. Saw two cool films, Day Breakers and Carriers. I fell asleep during Day Breakers so I can’t really say much about it, it has an interesting view on vampires etc.. Carriers was cool.

Tuesday we spent most of the day in the Skate Park chillin, was awesome in the sun..although I could feel the headaches and hay fever starting!:(

So now I’m home with dear little Ellie sleeping soundly on my chest purring away.♥ I’ve been downloading music and uploading pics to FB for most of the evening, spent my afternoon on a bus for 2 and a bit hours..Killlerrrr.

I overdosed on Hot Shakes again… I had a Love Hearts shake, really really good! And Tried a Tangfastics shake, an Apple pie and custard shake, and banana and nutella shake. I think i’ve found out this way that I prefer sweet shakes rather than chocolate or biscuit shakes. 


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