”I love you so much it’s retarded”

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is another recent find.. Such a cute and brilliant film. Michael Cera FTW! Next on my list too see is Youth and Revolt.


Last week was amazing.. and so much fun! I miss it already.
I lived in Shanes pocket for 5 and a halfish days.  It was awesome!! Fren and Kevs 21st was claaass! (the pre-party, party aaand after party that went long into the early hours!) The vodka slushies where such a good idea…I never realised how drunk I was because the slushies were so yummy! I feel like I really got to know everyone a little better, and likewise for them! Going to bed when the birds were chirping to the morning song.. and waking up with nooo hangover = result! We had some very serious but lovely conversations about the future and whatnot, college etc.. I’m not going to mention anything as I don’t want to jinx it but if it all goes to plan i’m soooooooo excited!! It’s going to be nothing short of EPIC!

Myself and Shane also had one seriously perfect day on Monday..Everything that went right, did go right and even though it was raining it didn’t bother us. We managed to do so much during the day, I persuaded the staff at college to give me an interview for next years course (even though it was waaaay past the deadline!) and we knew where Ray and Niamh put all the unwanted art stuff after the year has ended so we rummaged through it all and helped ourselves massively.. I now have zillions of  green wool, thick ribbon and a box full of buttons that really are quite the treasure! Shane swiped some new lime green spray paint! It was so funny sneaking out of college without anyone noticing what we had hidden in the silver bags we didn’t come in with! 

Saw Prince of Persia : Sand’s of Time… It was UNREAL! I’m a slight fan, I’ve seen the game being played and played the very original and very oldschool game when I was a littlen so this was exciting! Shane’s so much more of a fan than me so he enjoyed it much more from that point of view… I was blown away to say the least! Its amazing, go see it!  Also saw Little Miss Sunshine..Such a cute sweet film!

I’m so excited for the upcoming plans!!

I’ve been making lots of things so far today! I’ve got lots of amazing ideas for some new dresses I have in my head and also some trinkets and such… I’m currently nearly finished making Shane a Deftones album and case and artwork etc.. I’ll upload some piccies later of my findings and arty creations when I have a little more time on my hands…

Have you read my mum’s blog? www.steffiw.wordpress.com In one of her latest posts she’s mentioned the lack of sleep in the house recently thanks to Ellie Bellies tummy troubles. Ells had to be taken to hospital last night because of her bad wind causing her pain! So last night was another late one which I’m used too but then being woken up I couldn’t get back to sleep properly.. So i’m wreecckkkeddd.

Oooh another quickie, I’m now the new owner of a fantabulous floral vintage dress! It’s beautiful! (Again, more pics later!)

More posts later on today :)


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