I’ve finally updated my jellypod with more live songs and new found bands… I especially love Mr.Larson.
and now I want to spend the whole night painting and using up my canvas’s that have been sitting there the last few weeks empty. I should be all ‘arted out’ since I spent from brekki yesterday until dinner making and creating lovelies.. Apparently not? 

Buuut I’m sooo tired, and have an out of nowhere serious sore throat. :(

I can definately see the art option taking over the sleep option here(!)

I’m actually liking my current hair colour (purple-y/pinkish and slightly orange) Although I really want my long hair back.. It will grow I suppose. Its grown enough to have thick roots and its only been about 3 weeks since my last cut! Anyway thats not really important is it?

Art or Sleep?



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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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