Well I chose art.

Aaand now i’m sure as hell paying for it. Not only am I ‘arted out’ for the evening but i’m super cranky and taking it out on everyone else, so sorry too anyone á la homestead who I roar at!  

Staying up all night has benefits though.. (This is why I prefer being a nightowl to an early birdie.) Last night I could hear the Fox’s outside ‘coughing’..(this is a scary roar sound similar to the creatues in 30 Days of Night) The birds were chirping, the sheep and fox’s were crying.. and there was a thick mist in the air.. but however eerie it was, it was amazing to  hear the world alive outside whilst everyone slept.
I reaaaally wanted to go on an early 5am walk with my camera..Maybe tonight!

I got one large canvas painted and a few other handmade little bits, I half painted it last night and finished it off this morning. I don’t have a finished photograph yet but here’s a pic half done.. :]

[Click to Enlarge]

Mission tonight, when the night turns darkest I aim to start painting my 2nd canvas.. and hopefully figure out my final design for a painting i’m basing on myself+Shane ♥

Work starts tomorrow… Im back to getting up early and morning walks down to the village. I have a full day H.A.C.C.P course to complete tomorrow, sickening as I have already completed this course about three years ago. But me being me, Lost the certificate. Some balls! Collegians arrive Sunday. (I think?)

Small world we seem to live in… one of my favourite bloggers I follow via Blogspot (who I never would have imagined ever speaking too) just so happens to be best-friends with my boyfriends best-friends oldest brother!  (if that makes aaany sense!) How weird/cool is that?!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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