a message.

I’ve just realised how spineless and cowardly people are.

I know I have been/will be and can be a total bitch when provoked but at least if and when I have a problem with someone I will come out and say it to their faces and not via some anonymous website.  

Shauna (www.123shaunah.wordpress.com)  is amazing, eccentric and she does what she likes- whether its ‘complaining’ on her blog to getting violently drunk she is allowed to do this as a human being it is her right, as anyone’s. What she does with her life is her business, it doesn’t concern the likes of the ‘haters’ that continuously try to bring her down on Formspring. 
She was my first friend I had in Art college and I’m so thankful that I met her. She brought the fun and giggles each day and no matter what anyone says, she doesn’t care what people think about her. She has taught me a lot since I’ve met her and I love her lots, even though we’ve had our tiffs in the past but that also comes with living in a shit tiny house with four crazy girls. :P

So to all the hater’s, jealous bitches and so called ‘friends’ who go out of their way to upset her, (anonymously of course…. God forbid any of you would have a backbone in you and say it too her face!) 

GROW THE FUCK UP and get a life that’s worth a lot more than making yourselves feel better by trying to bring down someone else. You obviously have a lot of insecurities if you feel the need to provoke others in this childish, cowardly way.


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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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