10 things I love Sunday.

Some things I loved so far this week..

1) How I get that sparkly feeling that today is going to be a good, productive day.

2) That I’m learning to crochet! It’s been on my summer list for a while now and so far so good!

3) Staying up all night to get paintings  completed and watching good old movies like ‘Dog Soldiers’ with Alexiee.

4) Early morning phone calls from a sliightly intoxicated Shane : )

5) Painting! I usually don’t enjoy this area of art but recently its been really fun and have been getting a lot done.

6) My dear little sewing machine.. Its made its way into my list of favorite things I own.. Including my battered laptop, my dying Ipod and my beautiful camera’s.:)

7) Starting work with my friends and getting back  into a routine again. I need routine! Now I can organise what to make and do when I’m home and plan/think of new creations whilst I’m at work! Saving time efficiently and being more productive with my spare time. Aand having lots of cash again. (:

8) That my hair is actually growing. and so is my likeness for weetabix.

9) Realising again that the world is a really small place, and how everone is slightly connected in different ways. Weird how things turn out!

10)  Knowing that very very soooon… I shall be back with Tarni for her birthday. (:


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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