It was a slow day at work.

But i’m home now and ready to relaaax for a little bit. I must get a move on with making my vintage-y dress, I have the fabric so all I need now is the time.. Hopefully I can get it started tonight! I made a chiffon grey bohemian looking skirt yesterday, looks fab worn with jeans! I’l wear it out when the rain dyes down a little… : ) I bought one seriously amazing beautiful skirt yesterday, its 3 sizes too big but I saw the potential in the material… Its beautiful! I’m planning wisely with this one… Also I have some crafty ideas with my old dunga’s in my wardrobe soon… But more on that some other time! 

The far corner of my bedroom closest to my desk. In this picture you can see the skirt I was making at the time, and in the background the blue/green skirt and some red flowery material soon to be made into something not yet decided!

I have a blog to be published as soon as Shane has come over, its the sneek peek I promised at my first go of making a CD cover+album artwork etc, all handmade by moi! I’m quite proud of this project, and i’m really excited to give it to Shane, I hope he likes it!  ♥

*a sneek peek* of the CD cover art.. without giving anything too important away! (Shane I know your reading this!)

If I’m honest, I’ve been slacking in the art department the last two nights, going to bed too early (around half 1sh!) and not getting enough done. I’m planning to  bring my sketch book and some pens with me to work so I can get some ideas jotted down and sum journalling pieces drawn up during the long ass lunch break. All we do is sit around and abuse the collegians anyway, so this is a good idea to get things done! Every little helps and all..



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