Hello all..

I’ve had an amazing last two days! Shane coming to stay really cheered me up, I think everyone around me noticed my mood lifted immediately!
We had a lovely two days together, one thing we did was walked everywhere! We also went swimming in this little secluded spot not to far from the village, the water was chilly but it got nicer the more we stayed in it. It was so peaceful, with no one to interrupt us.. We also shared somewhat of a mini picnic out in the grass….. ♥

And we also did the usual, staying up all night together binjin out, watching films and  just being together. Then sleeping all morning till early afternoon! My favourite thing about this morning was finding a little note under my pillow after Shane had left…♥

I’ve been kind of sick today, I put it down to exhaustion but I actually vomited at work after eating some bad food. Haven’t been feeling too well since, I’ve been taking it easy so far tonight since I’ve been home and sleeping a lot. Sucks really.

But i’ll be back in action hopefully tomorrow, as myself and fellow hippy chicks plan to go swimming in the creek after work :] So excited! Also, I’m planning on doing some more art tonight, that’s if I feel up to it. I felt so guilty leaving my art sit around for 2 days! My poor scrapbook… Maybe I’m a little obsessed with making art? :]

Anyway, More awesome arty posts coming soon…!
I just thought I’d update you all on my current mood/health etc!

Hope your all well+happy :]


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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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