A proper peek at my Summer Project :]

Okay I’ve finally decided I’ll let you see a few pages of my scrapbook in full detail. This project is really personal to me and I’m spending a lot of time and care on each page, as well as trying to get other arty projects done in time! I’ve been putting a lot of my own art into this book mixed in with inspiration from other bloggers I follow.

It’s my first attempt at scrap-booking and it’s not very good but I really like how it’s turning out. (Remember it’s a summer project and will probably even go up to a year of a project! so what I’m showing you is only a small amount of what it will eventually be..)

(Click to enlarge)


Introduction page!             Hopes, Dreams + Fears page!           My favourite things page!

So there it is! And now I’m nervous as hell of my project being out in the open for criticism! Ignore me i’m a nervous pervous when it comes to my artwork I love…

Please please please give feedback, I’d love to know what people think of my work! <3


(For copyright purposes I have to say please ask me if you are going to use my art/work/pictures/ anything that’s mine on this site.. It’s sad I have to do this but I’ve been having some issues with © Copyright lately.)


2 thoughts on “A proper peek at my Summer Project :]

  1. moshface says:

    they’re amazing sylv:) im not just saying it cuz your my friend but anyone even as a stranger can see how much effort you put into your art and how dedicated you are when it comes to art:)all three of them are amazing n i love the colours!:)oh and you really shouldnt be nervous cuz theres no way in hell anyone could criticise these:D
    oh and thank you for getting me back into art i love it!:)i hope im as good at it as you one day:)xxxxx

  2. Sylvie says:

    Your kind kind words just made my whole day, and I’m smiling bright from reading that:)

    Thank you so much Maria your so lovely:) And your art is also amazing, keep it up!

    Enjoy England missy, Lemme know how you got on! xoxo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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