Busy Bee

Starting from yesterday,  the whole of next week and the week after and the week after that just got a serious amount busier than expected!

Things I must get done as soon as possible:

  1. Make dad a father’s day card.
  2. Make mum a birthday card + organise pressie’s..
  3. Make Tarnie a birthday card + brainstorm ideas for pressie’s!
    (I make all my birthday cards, I think it shows more love+care than just buying any old card..)
  4. Make sure Mumma’s birthday is amazing.
  5. Fully organise the carbon neutral cleaner’s camping trip. And pack everything for it!
  6. Organise+pack everything I need for holiday trip to England on Saturday night.
  7. Speak to my Boss about taking days off/get people to cover for me/explain situation etc.
  8. Sort out my days off in July and when Shane’s coming over after my holiday.
  9. Meet up with old+muchly missed friends.

Argh! It seem’s easy enough but on top of all the artyness I want to do/need to do/finish commissions for customers ETC… It’s alot:(

I’ve got a ”work” post and tomorrow’s Ten Things I Love Sunday post coming soon…



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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