Suddenly everythings alright

I’ve been soo busy I don’t know where to start.. Works been taking most of my energy and each night there’s something new to be doing or organising.

I spent Monday night scrap-booking and finishing the page dedicated to my Mum, its beautiful according to her! I likes it muchly, made it extra pretty and lovely.. I’ll share pics soon!

Tuesday night was hatchet. I was soo tired, cranky and moody from work (and other such stresses) so I wasn’t a happy bunny. It was Mumma’s birthday Tuesday aswell so I tried to make it lovely as possible for her.. Neither of us were in good form though! ‘Just one of those days…’ Sigh…..

Wednesday was exciting! We had our Carbon Neutral Cleaners Camping trip down the South Lake road. It was a lovely evening, had really good nosh,groovy music, great banter and as always with the cleaners; lots of crack! The ginge was our chef and she made some awesome BBQ’d burgers for us, we enjoyed roasting marshmallows over the fire and even made tea + coffee’s with my all too cool invention of using a log to hold the teapot over the fire! Setting up Bríd’s tent was too funny! it was so difficult I couldn’t stop laughing at her getting frustrated with the tent! We got it up eventually!:]

There was a few problems in us camping in the field, we had permission from the owners of the field but word got around we were camping and this for some odd reason ”concerned” the entire village?? So we had people coming down all evening to view us with binoculars from the gate of the field and gossip spread like wild fire. We eventually moved field and things calmed down for a bit.. It’s awful you can’t innocently camp in your own hometown without the entire village of gossips wanting to be involved. In Ballingeary if it’s out of the ordinary or anything other than excessive drinking or GAA its frowned upon (or so it seems..)  Needless to say this pissed all of us off, Bríd let off some steam by badly beating a gate… and If you were around Ballingeary last night and heard a lot of vicious screaming, that was me being attacked by a million midges. BASTARDS.

Tonight, I’m doing lots of things internet wise, getting my holiday organised and I must also get things packed. I’m leaving saturday night (SOOO EXCITED!!!!) Also doing some finishing touches on the latest scrapbook page and catching up on Bear Grylls. I’m planning on doing some more CD cases for some multimedia cd’s I have and also I’m making a promise to get started making my vintage 50’s inspired dress when I’m back from my trip:]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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