I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was.

I don’t even know where to start on telling you what me and Tarnie got up too… It was nothing short of amazing anyway! I’ll tell you some really favourite parts of my trip away..

Getting on the plane and watching us all take off. The excitement was crazy. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how beyond excited I was to be going back. The sky changing colour from blues to pinks and oranges as we flew higher.. I watched the sunset above the clouds and it was beautiful.  Turning around at the airport to be greeted by a huge smile and hug from tarnie! The first night staying at Josh’s house, it was early morning and we went out to the park and sat in that basket swing watching foxes and talking for ages under the creepy moonlight. Sharing some deep secrets and knowing that I can completly trust Tarnie with my life. Gettin early morning trains to London whilst the world woke up. Coming to see Sheenie and her new wonderful house and lovely partner Richie. Vintage shopping and adventuring around the wonderful little town. Eating Lucy’s Chips, they were so yummy! Watching ‘The Collector’, Tarni and I live for horrors, this was definately one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. The Odeon cinema is MASSIVE. Having my first Tango Ice Blaster…fuffy like clouds but fizzy and cold at the same time! Having my first taste of  Ben&Jerry’s Fairly Nuts and Toffee icecream.. It will always remind me of my time there! Getting matching piercings with Tarnie on her birthday! The pain is one thing I’ll never forget! Making crazy monster cakes that turned out to be beautiful cupcakes:) Listening to the excitement of the England game. Drinking Calsberg out of bottles. The dead soaring heat.. 31degrees and melted from it! Tarnie’s coffee’s in the morning:] Talking for hoursss on end with Tarnie. Seeing how happy Sheena is these days. Getting Tattoo’d for the third time…the pain!! It was so worth it my tattoo is beautiful. Getting the place decorated for the party. Listening to the faint sounds of Blake’s guitar singing:]  Sitting against that tree in the town square with Tarnie munching on pineapple and Lucy’s chips. Shopping on Tarnie’s birthday. Meeting everone back at Sheena’s home and getting our party mood on! The Harry Potter party:)  Cranberr+Orange vodka. Watermelon vodka and Lime vodka jelly. Homemade Banana and pineapple pizza. Live music from next door as we ate.Getting drunk and dressing up for the night on the town. Just being silly and taking the piss out of people and laughing really loudly. Mark screaming out of the car at passers by. Really funny moments! Abusing Montana’s wardrobe endlessly! How people said we looked like sisters:) Tarnie’s wee little bedroom! Watching Harry Potter 3 the morning after the party. Watching Montana and Blake race each other downtown-it’s abnormal how fast Blake is! Mark drying his boxer’s out of the car window and seeing everybodies expressions! Getting into trouble with the gaurds twice! Sleeping in the Tent:] Renting a boat and having a picnic in the river. Tarnie and Josh jumping off the boat whilst still driving it! Playing with Tarnie’s hair..its so long and lush! Mark’s naked jump:] Going to see ‘Get him to the greek’ with Tarnie and the lads still wet from the river! Playing with Tarnie’s beautiful Kitties:] The long drive back listening to Harry Potter and quoting the film.. Watching Jurassic park and falling asleep from the heat. When Tarnie came in all sleepy eyed and said ‘if it helps you can snuggle into me and pretend i’m Shane’ and shrugging her shoulders before returning to the tent when I couldn’t sleep:) Saying goodbye.. Okay it wasn’t my favourite but four oclock in the morning goodbyes are always sweet and seeing Tarni walk through Gatwick in her comfy pants and just socks telling me not to cry!

It was just brilliant.. The best few days ever. I forgot how utterly amazing Montana and Sheenie are! I’m so lucky to have Tarnie as my best friend:] I miss her so much already!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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