Hellooo my lovelies:]

I’m in such a happy mood, Shane’s coming to stay this evening for a few days and my dear Shawnie blogged some lovely words about me which really made me smile and tear up slightly! I have amazing friends.. Shaunah my dearest, I love you:] I’ve been talking to Kerrbear aswell and seeing how she’s been doing and made plans to meet up when works over. Work.. Work’s very monotonous the last few days, I’m so tired from England I find myself doing things without realising it.
I’m doing well with my photography project, I’ve made my little notebook for the pictures to go into… (See pictures below) I’m making the project with 100% recycled materials and everything I’m using to make this project is from belongings of  my own and old scrap materials such as old envelopes and old art projects. I plan to begin printing the photographs as I go along as well and hopefully the finished product shall be ready for viewing around the 30th of July! (If all goes to plan)


Last night I had a mini ‘spring clean’, went through my clothes and bits n’ bobs chucking out a good few bits. Removing poster’s and picture’s that had been up for far too long. It felt like a teenage artist’s room. Now it’s slightly more mature and more arty, less teenage. After all… I am 21! 

I feel bad for not blogging often enough, but I don’t like to blog about just anything.. I try to keep as interesting to my readers as possible so I’m not boring! So thankyou for being patient and a dedicated follower to my ramblings:] xoxo.


2 thoughts on “Hellooo my lovelies:]

  1. Shaunargh says:

    Awesome :) Dude i was in cork yesterday and i ran into conner. and it was just like old times by the ledges yano where we used to sunbathe. :) u n kerr meeting up? can i come :P
    Miss joo xx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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