I’m probably just being silly and over emotional

But today on our way home from work myself and the ginge witnessed a car crash between a local women and a cow. The woman was okay just a bit upset but the cow had a broken leg. The poor thing looked calm for an animal whose leg was mangled to bits, just lying on the road watching the commotion as cars tried to pass them. Miss Ginge told me they would most likely kill the cow because it is quite difficult for a cow to heal a broken leg. Everyone know’s I’m not too fond of cows because they seem scary to me but to kill a perfectly healthy young cow over a broken leg hardly seems fair.

I didn’t want to cause a fuss but I was and still am distraught and angry over this. It probably is better off for the cow to be put down but it just seems like the farmers can’t be arsed to care for an injured cow, and I’m probably just being silly and over emotional in saying that because what would I know? I’m not a farmer or have any experience with cows but I’m just truly upset that this is the only option for the animal. To me it’s like breaking a child’s leg and just saying to kill him/her because they would be suffering on the way to the hospital.

I do sound silly for saying this but fuck it. If it was my cow I would care for it and bring him back to health the best I could.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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