Yesterday after an ingenious plan from Miss Theresa we all decided to work through our lunch break and finish for the day early. It was a magnificent plan! We were done by half one and thus I spent the day watching old favourites on the VCR like The Crow City of Angels, Labyrinth and Toy Story 1+2. How oldschool im I?! :-P I also got a reeally early nights kip and so this is why I’m blogging so early in the day. Woke up at 7 discombobulated and hungry, Almost went to work an hour early but thankfully my alarm clock brought me back to realisation.

Shane’s coming over again today for a few days! You have no idea how happy this makes me. (:

Other than that because Spain won the world cup we now have to move there. (Mum+Dad’s stupid deal..)  Why oh why couldn’t Holland of won?! Unfortunately it didn’t mean we’d actually move to Holland, just Macroom. I am not amused.


3 thoughts on “Oldschool

  1. steffiw says:

    hmmmm;[ perhaps if you paid some rent in return for food/drinks/heat/light and putting your friends up,maybe we wouldn’t have to sell up-also the move to spain was on the cards long before the world cup!!

    • moshface says:

      Spains actually so nice! remember i tld you my 20yr old cousin frm sheffield moved there june last year? well a few weeks ago when i went to birmingham he came frm spain wiv his spanish girlfriend and he tld me loads bout it! he found it really easy to get a job in an acadamy teaching English n where he is,is supposed to be a really nice place:)n m sista went to stay wiv him for a few days n she said it was a really beautiful place:)xxx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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