Quite a couple of things made me smile over the last two days or so,
Firstly Shane came to stay and it was lovely! We talked about living together properly and how we were going to go about finding a place and whatnot. This is exciting! Having Shane over was awesome, we always have such a giggle:) ♥
Plus Shane bought me a ticket to see Paramore in November! *Screams!*
Secondly, I finished Theresa’s birthday pressie, It was a teapot+teacup necklace that I handmade myself, (oh la la..) I was so happy with the finished piece I wanted to keep it for myself(!) But Theresa will get more of a wear out of it. ( I must update this tomorrow with pictures of the finished product.)
Thirdly,  Theresa gave me a handmade long necklace which I really like, It’s toadally unique and its something I wouldn’t of chosen for myself but I really like it! Its an awesome gift.:]
Fourthly, I am now the new owner of a beautiful pair of Black Doc Martens!!  I must wear them in a bit but they are quite ravishing! I’m tempted to paint flowers on them.. I’ll have a google and see if I like it.
And lastly, Work’s over for the summer next Thursday!! This means I can finally have free time back to continue on Artybits and not have to wake up early and best of all…Go to Cork and see all the luberly people I miss dearly and spend awesome ammounts of time with Shane! ♥

We are TOO cool.


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