Tonight I’m forcing myself back to the desk to get a move on  with my summer scrap booking project. I haven’t been doing it since around June because of work and other plans getting in the way, plus my inspiration got kinda zapped out of me. I really want to get back into it because art makes me haappyyy(: Hopefully I’ll have new pages to show you all in the next while!

I found some amazing finds last night and this morning!  A china vintage (proper vintage) owl brooch that was in Mumma dearest’s little box of treasures which she didn’t mind me having,thanksyou!  A really really old (vintage again) tiny metal bottle that now hangs off of a long chain, some smaller trinkets like my metal elephant or metal wing I found today at work aaand some heart-shaped buttons(:

I’m trying my hardest to get into an online Photography class which is being run by this amazing artist in England, Kim Smith. Her work is adorable and her photography is so beautiful! She’s a huge inspiration to me. But I’m having trouble with the paypal and such!  I’ve registered for a 3V card, hopefully I can pay her in time.

Also, I’ve been quite sick the last day and a bit. Keeping getting mahousive migraines and earache, my lower back is sore too and I feel weak and drained. So I’ve been a total bitch at work and possibly around the house, although I’m trying to be nice to everyone at home to keep the peace!  So my sincerest apologies to you all:(


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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