It’s my first time back on the laptop since Saturday. *waves*
I had my first proper (half)meal tonight since Friday and this evening is the best I’ve felt since Thursday, depite a few knocks this morning.

Since my last post about being sick I’ve spent my whole time literally doing nothing. I really don’t know how some people can do it. It’s so boring! I haven’t been able to do much of anything, having to use my poor little brother as a noble slave to bring me drinks and blankets, he was a star looking after me, never even complaining once. One thing I did enjoy about literally being unable to walk without having my head explode was that I could watch some awesomely old horror films, this made my endless few days go by that little bit quicker.

After spending the morning in the doctors and then the evening in hospital, I have a fever, a chest infection and an inflamed left lung that’s causing me severe pain to breathe deeply. I’m on antibiotics and painkillers for the next two weeks and therefore I will be groggy, bitchy and have an overwhelming feeling of shittyness. (I do apologise if I happen to snap at anyone or be distant or talk less to you than normal) I’ve also lost my appetite which seems to be coming back slowly tonight, I still couldn’t manage a full dinner though but its better than days of water,orange juice and bananas! The amount of water I’ve been drinking is dericulas. I probably drank my weight in the stuff. At least six times.

Anyway, I’m getting better (slowly but surely) and soon I shall be back into my art+whatnot cause that’s been well abandoned! :(

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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