My sincerest apologies

for my recent mahousive absence to the blogging world.
I have been a busy bee yet again, I packed myself up and have been living out of my wee bag for the last week + a bit with the lovely Mr. O’ Brien.

*Picture source*

I’ve been doing so much I can’t begin to tell you all about it in this little blog, but basically I got over my chest infection thanks to my sluggish antibiotics (although still a bit sniffly from it all) and Shane came down as planned and we spent a glorious 8 days together, at the homestead for a little while but mainly at Shane’s getting up to our usual shenanigans…Ooh I’m so filled up with happiness I could burst!  We had so much fun(:

But unfortunately because of my little travels here and there, I’ve been unable to be as crafty as I did plan. So i’m behind, lots. And due to some recent news I won’t be able to immerse myself into my art for another while whilst I help with our current situation. I do have lots of new ideas I want to put into action soon and also I must get started with my new online photography course I’m doing, soo exciting!:]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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