1-25 of 101 things about me.

1. I’m a really terrible first impression. I come off very shy and quiet when people first talk to me.
(So please don’t think I’m rude if Idon’t talk much to you, I’m just terribly shy… It’s after a while I become the weirdling that I am..:)
2.  I don’t wear foundation or any concealing types of make up. The only make up I use is Mascara, Liquid+Pencil eyeliner and occasionally Eye shadow (If I want to dress up/night out etc, usually its nothing or just mascara.)
3. I believe the reason why my skin is so clear and ‘spot free’ is because of never wearing foundation/concealer my whole life.
4. I’m utterly head over heels for Mr. O’ Brien.
5. I was born and lived in England for 13 years of my life. I moved to Ireland when I was 13 and have kept a close knit bond with my Best friend ever since.
6. I’m 21 but suffer from Peter pan complex. I will forever be a child at heart.
7 . I used to collect stickers, pokemon cards, ants and garden spiders. Now I collect beermats, tattoo’s and jars of buttons+beads. I have thousands!
8. My natural hair colour is mousy brown, currently a rustic reddish brown with long hair extensions that I wish was my real hair.
9. I’m allergic to silver plated jewellery, I come out in itchy bumps that usually bleeds when provoked. A few years ago my doctor mistook this for Scabies and cause such a ruck-us with my teachers at school. It wasn’t true however! This still doesn’t stop me from wearing my two favourite bracelets.
10. I’m a night owl. I used to love sleep, still do. Staying up late has so many more benefits that waking up early I think.
11. I cannot stand Robert Pattinson and anything associated with the Twilight Saga books any more.
12. I’m a freak when it comes to organising. I keep a book of ‘To Do’ lists with me at all times as well as keep everything in perfect order with a specific place and purpose. I go nuts when I loose my little book of lists. Ironic isn’t it?
13. I can’t really cook. At all. I can make easy things like Chicken Ceaser Salad (My favourite dish!) or Fruit Trifle and some simple meals like pasta dishes but proper dinners like Sunday roast? Hell no.. I’m learning to make home made soup though:]
14. I drink whenever I have the chance, but this is not often. I love Amaretto, vodka, Rum+coke, and tequilaaa.
15. I worry about EVERYTHING, however little it is. And I over think everything. I constantly worry if my blog is interesting enough.
16. If I had to label myself.. I would say I’d fit into the ”good kinda weird, geeky quirky” girl who dresses like a fruit loop. That’s not really a genre is it?
17. I love Micheal Cera to my bones. Always have, ever since I saw him in Juno. He’s brilliant.
18. I define my style as  ”Crazy old grandma with a hint of old man mixed with Penneys finest common trash”. I do try my best not to shop in Penneys. It’s hard, especially when Penneys garments are also plaguing Charity Shops too! …
19. Heath Ledger.Heath Ledger.Heath Ledger. ♥
20. My celebrity girl Crush and obsession since I first found out she was playing the role of Lara Croft is and always will be, Angelina Jolie.
21. I was obsessed and still slightly am, with the Tomb Raider games.  Other old fav’s are Super Bubsy, Prince of Persia (1st game) and The Sims:]
I have considered a breast reduction.
23. I’m a movie fanatic. I’ve been watching horrors and sci-fi thrillers since I was a little bean of around 2 years old. My favourite back then was Terminator 2 and the Aliens collection. I still love these films.
24. My one true goal in life is too swim with Sharks in South Africa. And cage dive with Great Whites, If swimming with G. W Sharks is allowed without a cage I will do this. Sharks are the most beautiful creatures on this earth.
25. I have a deep hatred for Photo shop, I cannot use it and have never been able to do so. HATE IT!

There’s the first 25 of 101 things about me you may or may not of known. Hope it wasn’t too boring for you! I shall continue this as I go along:) xoxo.


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