Ten Things I LOVE Sunday

OKAY I know technically its early morning of Monday but… I had to do many a thing today and was very beeezeee :)

Some things I looooved recently this last week or so..

1. Its usually always number one in my list but really, Spending a whole 8 days with Shane was truly awesoommee, especially after two months of work and being unable to meet up for ages. I cannot get enough of our time together. I especially enjoyed our long talks about living together and such other exciting amazing adventures ahead:)

2. Finally seeing Toy Story 3 and Inception in the cinema!
Both these films are amazing, let your inner child escape and go see Toy Story.  Inception is visually breathtaking and so cleverly filmed, it’s an awesome Sci-Fi flick and most probably one of, if not the best film I’ve seen all year. What a mindboggler! The end scene is particularly good, Leonardo Di Caprio’s roles get better as he gets older. Although The Collector is still my favourite film so far this year, (even though it was released July last year?? And only in cinema’s last month??)

3. Randomly running into one of my dearest friends in Penneys, Aoifie oh how I’ve missed you! It was great seeing her again, it’s been a looong 7 months since we saw each other last so it really cheered up my whole year:] Miss you terribly xx

4. That night down the rocks, on top of the castle. It was epic.
Full moon, JD+Coke and really awesome company:)
There was something amazing about that night.

5.  Seeing STORM TROOPERS in Patricks Street last Saturday week. My inner geek was screaming in excitement! They had the full gear on and guns and even spoke like them!! I really wanted a picture taken with them but chickened out cause they were gathering a crowd.. They were advertising for a Star Wars convention thingy in September. Soo awesomely cool! Them buggers were so hard to fight on Nintendo 64 :]

6. My new obsession for all things of the nut variety. Like Crunchy nut cereal and Ben & Jerry’s Fairly Nuts Ice-cream. Deeelish. Need I say more?

*sourced from Google*

7. Fixing all my broken beautiful jewellery and adding my own personal touch to it, just to increase its uniqueness. Also, making lots of pretty flowers on my flower loom (I’ve fixed it!-no need to panic mum!) and starting a rather cute colletion of Heart shaped buttons. Aaand finishing the first part of next Tuesday’s Project! I hope it turns out okay :S

8. Finally finding the * I hope* perfect dress to Ty Dye for dear Tarniee
I shall be doing such Ty Dying at some point this week and will be doing a post about it.
Then I shall pop it in the post to my little woodfluff:)

9. Internet shopping. Oh my. I may never step into a real shop again! Oh and hearing that Wallis Bird’s returning to Cork in October and Paolo Is coming in September. Shall I be attending? Hell YES!

10. Experimenting with my polaroid and also features on my SLR camera. I’m learning new things every time I use it and I’ve had my baby 3 years now! Hopefully I’ll have some interesting snaps to show you soon:)

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend:)



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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