26-50 of 101 things about me.

26. I’m sentimental about everything I keep. Everything has a meaning behind it. I get it from my mum.
27. I hate that I’m sentimental. I wish I could throw some of it away without feeling guilt.
28. I still think soft plush toys have feelings. And I will never give away my Molly doll.
29. I have a deep burning passion for the band Slipknot. And I am deeply saddened that I can never see them live.
30. And I will always be jealous of my boyfriend for seeing them in Germany. >:(
31. I love cats, but I can’t bring myself to own another one after my dear Ceefie died. I never want to feel that heartbreak again. People laugh when they see how upset I am over my cat.
32. I can’t drive legally. Everyday I wish I could. I’ve been saying it since I was 17 and I’m now 21. I must learn this year.
33. I’m really clumsy. I fall/walk/smash into anything and everything.
34. I’ve been to England, Ireland, Driven through Wales, Germany, Austria and Amsterdam.
35. I want to go to South Africa, France, Prague, Australia, New Zealand, parts of America, Fuji and other beautiful places.
36. I feel when tattoo’s are used for the correct purposes they are beautiful pieces of art. So far I have 3 tattoo’s. (debate-ably I have 9 if you count them all separately) I show my tattoo’s when I want to and can hide them when I need too.
37. I’m quite a sensitive soul. Please be nice:]
38. I wish I was still good friends with an old friend of mine, I regret not staying buddies but drifting is difficult to stop when you don’t realise it’s happening.
39. I can’t bake well. But I do try my best with my awesome monster cakes and carrot cake:]
40. I hate baked beans. Apparently I used to like them when I was ”Normal” as mum said to me, I had a nasty incident before thanks to Alex putting a single baked bean into my cup of tea. It was the last part I drank and I can still remember it. I vomited because I didn’t know what it was and since then I cant eat them. Baked beans disgust me.
My eye’s are usually a bright yellow green but has been known to change to a brighter green and weirdly blue sometimes.
I cannot play an instrument, I used to teach myself on piano but that never stuck as I don’t own a keyboard.
I live, eat and breathe art. Art is the only thing I can do for hours without realising 8 hours has gone past.
I’ve had a pair of jeans since I was thirteen, they were my favourite and are completely shredded. They still fit me too!
45. My middle name is symmetrical and for no reason in particular I don’t like it.
46. I used to dress in the Gothic style for years when I was younger, never wearing colour. Now it’s totally the opposite!
47. My little sister (who I’ve wanted all my life) is 21 years younger than me.
48. I love to type, I can type fast and also without looking and whilst talking to people. Kerr says my fingers move like spiders when I type.:]
49. If I press my lips together you can see scars across them that look like they had been sewn together. They weren’t however…
50.I’ve been told I can sing well. I would love to sing in front of people but I’ve stage fright and this often stops me.

Have I bored you enough yet with my ramblings?? :] xoxo.


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