Sneak peak.

Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010 Copyright
Here’s a little peek at tonight’s wee summer project.. It was so much fun making!
I really should be asleep but I can’t go early anymore, so instead I find myself staying up once again with Gooch the family dog listening to Mtv’s crap early morning radio music. Honestly, nothing is worse than radio ‘music’.

I’m rambling again..
I plan to experiement with fabric and clothes printing today with some sketches and line drawings of my own and I also hope to Ty Dye a dress for Tarnie, as a late birthday gift. I love Ty dying. It’s really easy to do simple Ty dying, for harder methods I always follow a wee book my Mamma gave me. People have asked me to show them how to do it, really its easy and generally there’s no need for a tutor. Experimenting is half the fun with these things:]

I’ve been spending the last two-ish days clearing out the contents of my little room. I’ve managed to give away a lot of things which was hard for me! But most things that are now gone will be given to charity shops so hopefully someone else will benefit from them. I feel like everything I now own are things that I need and I like that I only have a small amount of belongings.
I would say a quarter of what I own are clothes, and almost half is all things arty and the rest is entertainment like books+films etc..
Like the snail, one day I might have just enough to carry on my back:]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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