Summer D.I.Y Bunting Project.

Sylvia Walsh Photography 2010 Copyright
Here’s my tutorial on how to make your own summer bunting..

You will need:
A small cardboard stencil of whatever size you wish. (mine was 10x12cm)
Good sharp scissors.
A lot of fabric for your triangles.
Bead’s. (optional)
Lavender. (optional)
Iron (or in my case, my GHD straightener!)
A good sewing machine. (If hand sewing isn’t an option)

  • Before I began mine I started with choosing a good theme for my fabric, with colours that compliment and go well together. It looks best this way if you plan your colours. The end result is more attractive.
  • I used glass beads and bright plastic beads to go in between the flags, it catches the light better. The bead’s are only an added option however.
  • This took a long time which you would need to be prepared for. It’s enjoyable and taking time means you will have a better finished piece that you know you put love and care into it, than if you were to rush it.
  • I also used Lavender inside some of my flags, just for an added touch and to make it smell good as well as look good:]

Here we go..

  1. After choosing my fabrics I cut them about 1-2cm’s over the stencil size to make them easier to sew with a neater edge. I cut out 28 triangles to make 14 double sided flags.
  2. After setting up my sewing machine I gathered my fabric and began to sew them together. I made sure the design was on the inside on both pieces of fabric and sewn along the edges.
  3. Next I trimmed the edges for a neater finish and knotted any loose ends.
  4. I turned the triangle inside out and revealed a neat pretty triangle. I repeated this with all the cut outs until I had 14 neat flags.
  5. I straightened the triangles out with my GHD. (I find it easier than using an iron)
  6. Next I filled some flags with a small amount of lavender and sewed along the top to keep it all in.
  7. Netting: I used a very wide and long piece of white netting and folded it over , using the sewing machine I sewed down the open strip to make a long netted loop with an elastic tie at each end.
  8. I trimmed the netting for a neater finish and turned it inside out.
  9. I then started a pattern of knot, flag, knot, 2 beads, knot, flag, knot, 2 beads, knot, flag, knot, 1 large bead, knot.. etc.
  10. I had sewn the flags separately to the netting in between knots and beads, carefully choosing the flags so the pattern was attractive.
  11. I put a mix of bright glass and plastic beads in between the flags and continued this pattern untill the flags were used up. And viola! Your all set.:]

(Click image to enlarge photograph)

Here’s some shots of my finished bunting:]

Again, Click all images if you want to enlarge them.:]
Go on, give it a try I dare you!

Happy Bunting!


4 thoughts on “Summer D.I.Y Bunting Project.

  1. Sheena says:

    Hey Sylvia,

    Just been looking at your blog site – love the bunting! great ideas with the beads and netting. Keep up the good work xXx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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