I’ve been away..

Sylviepops Copyright 2010

But now I’m back!

I’ve been away with Mr. O’ Brien for the last couple of days spending lots of lovely time together, watching some amazing films and documentaries, walking EVERYWHERE and also meeting up with beloved friends whom we hadn’t seen in months.
I have some new arty ideas and new obsessions, some exciting news and some new pictures to show ya’ll :]

I am aware that I’ve been putting off continuing on my 30 day photography project, I honestly haven’t had enough time to finish it! I haven’t forgotten it though and I shall post it up here asap. Same for the Tye-dying D.I.Y I wanted too post, I will be doing this in the next few hours or maybe late tomorrow! Bear with meee :)

My new arty ideas include some further scrap booking pages, (I haven’t neglected that completely either, just haven’t been showing you of late!) I’ve began a project a while ago for Mr. O’ Brien – which I won’t be posting up here directly,but it is taking a lot of time and love! And I have a few photography ‘shoots’ I want to do as we head towards Autumn! (YES!!!) and Im planning on a small side project that will require Imovie:]

My newest obsessions are…
Writting in ink using a quill, (H.P eat your heart out) Retro looking china… LOVE IT. My new Yellow Dr.Martens.. I was hesitant at first to buy these as the colour really is crazy bright, but I love them and can’t get out of them! I love love love them, I was so lucky to find them in my size as it’s usually difficult and at such a steal of a price! Also, Im in love with my new XXL orange jumper, the sleeve’s come to my knees! It’s super comfy, and awesome for a binge:] I’m wearing it in the above picture actually!

Exciting news…..
Next Monday week, the 23rd of August, I shall be a proud owner of my dearly longed for Tree Frog! So excited to meet him!
I’ve always loved froggies and now thanks to my little brother letting me buy his lizard tank off him,
I am now able to have my own little froggy like this one below!
Sylviepops Copyright 2010


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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