51-75 of 101 things about me.

51. I wiiiish I could crochet. I’d make millions of granny squares all different colours and sizes. Someone teach me?
52. I cannot bake cookies without burning them to a crisp. Even easy bake cookies!
53. I have won a few film festival awards for making two short films a few years back with some school friends. It was the best part about fourth year.
54. I drink so much coffee I regularly get the dizzy spinners and shakes late at night.
55. I stay up late till Silly o’clock most nights, when I’m reaally tired anything and everything is exciting and funny!
56. My mom is and always will be my favourite person, my inspiration and best friend.
Where ever I am, I will always try to walk bare foot out of my shoes. I think it’s more grounding and certainly more comfy. 
My best friend and I should really be sisters, we have so much in common and strangely look almost exactly the same as each other!
59. I’ve got quite an OCD about keeping little lists of things to do, I’ve always kept a teenie tiny notebook in which I write such lists and I do take it with me everywhere. I think I’ve already mentioned this though :/
60. I loove the show’s House and Big Bang Theory, even though this time last year I would’ve skipped past those shows without a glance. How silly of me!
62. I have GHD hair straighteners, but I mostly use them for straightening fabric before I sew it, rather than straightening my hair:]
63. I hate the taste of milk, and probably didn’t drink enough in those precious years when you ‘should’. I can only drink it if it’s mixed with Nesquik or when the cereal/coffee changes its taste. Otherwise it’s just YOCK!
64. I drink too much when I’m nervous. If i’m in a situation where I feel uncomfortable or nervy and there happens to be alcohol by, I will drink it excessively through fear and most likely make a mahousive ass of myself!
65. I used to be an athletic type of person. I was mad into sports and loved cross country, track running, trampolining, tennis, hockey, gymnastics etc etc. I loved it, then I moved to this sleepy little village and I couldn’t keep up on my own. I hated the GAA and couldn’t solo over the net. I kept up trampolining until my rents gave it away. I still miss it.
66. I now don’t exercise at all, except a 3 mile trip to the village and back from my house on occasion.
67. My initial reaction to the amount of views and question I was receiving on my blog and formspring was genuine fear and shock. I’m still not used to it! It’s lovely knowing people actually like my arty ramblings though:)
68. I LURVE reading blogs, especially interesting arty type blogs which feed me inspiration. If you have one and would like me to read it, leave a comment and a link I shall most certainly follow:)
69. In the last few weeks, I’ve been putting away money for a another new prettyful SLR camera. My dearly beloved SLR I’ve had for 3 years now is suffering from old age, I’m sure it has Alzheimer’s.
70. I own an organ donor card.
71. I would go naked for an anti fur campaign. I’d firstly ask Shane for permission and then ask my mom’s blessing however!
72. I have skydived at 10,000ft for the charity,  Fighting Blindness raising over €1,000 for children in Africa:]
73. I get stressed out too much,too easily. The leaving cert was horrendous. I considered anti-depressants,was in and out of the doctors and regularly taken home in taxi’s and even by my principal! Sylv+stress=baaaad.
74. I rarely see my closest friends, but it makes me love and appreciate them even more when we do share those special moments together.
75. I want a button tattoo:]


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