Mini project: Bohemian Hair Braids

Last June I went to visit Tarnie for her 21st birthday.
One thing that’s been stuck in my mind since was her little hair braid she was wearing from her travels to Portugal.
I’ve always been able to make them, they are really quick, fun and easy.
So finally I decided to make my own little braid, attached to  my hair extensions of course, my natural hair isn’t quite long enough yet!

I wanted to make one with Autumn colours in mind, and also a little hint of ice cream green too(I can’t get enough of this colour!)
I love Autumn, it’s my favourite season ever! So this season I want to create lots of Autumn inspired projects, starting with this one!

Some people see hair braids as childish but I think they can be worn really well,especially with the hippy/bohemian style.
Johnny Depp pulls this look off really well. I might try beads next time actually…:]

Anyway! To start, you’ll need some embroidery thread of your choice..
I get mine (when I don’t pinch it from my mum’s supplies!) from Vibes&Scribes in Cork City.

Sylviepop Photography 2010 Copyright
Choose your first colour to begin with, carefully knotting the thread and leave a long piece to begin wrapping your hair around with.
Keep going until you are happy and want to change colour, knot the end and leave the thread to hang.
Next, knot the new colour just underneath the first colour and wrap.
Continue this for as long as you like with other colours or you can experiment, by using multiple colours or patterns.
When you are finished knot the end tight and viola!

Sylviepops Copyright 2010
Click image to enlarge:]

Sylviepops Copyright 2010Sylviepops Copyright 2010

Depending on how tight and thick you make it, it should last for a few weeks.
Give it a try, it’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous:]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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