Head space.

Today I had another ‘Spring clean’ session. We could be moving house soon so I’ve been putting some things away, taking things down and making my room presentable. My bedroom was a mix of colour and madness. With large tree branches and such things hanging from the ceiling and psychedelic murals on the walls. I can’t really explain my bedroom but it was awesome I have to admit. My friends would regularly spend a looong time just looking around. It was a good conversation starter.

So now when I walk in it’s bare. The walls are still the same but there are no photographs, only murals. I’ve covered up the mural by my bed with a Ty-dye wall hanging. The slanted wooden ceilings are naked and uninviting.
Maybe this is because I’m not used to it?

But somehow it seems a lot brighter and more spacious.. I like it so clear.

It’s like I can think without all the clutter and distractions.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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