Selfish you.

” Self·ish –adjective
devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.
characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself: selfish motives ”

I cannot stress hard enough how much you anger and disappoint me. Do you not realise how arrogant and selfish you are? And yet you continue to surpass your own selfishness time and time again.
Your not interested in the welfare of us, how hard this all is and how difficult and long this process we are in will take. All you care about is being able to walk to your girlfriends house (Whom you don’t deserve in the first place) and see your friends, an opportunity you will use and abuse as soon as you have the chance.You think these things happen in a flash and that we’ll all be happy to get up and go. Wrong. In the real world, dear brother things do not happen so quickly and are not that easy. There are complications, lots of official paperwork and a thing called waiting, which requires patience. Clearly something you are incapable of.

You think you have authority to do and say what you please, you don’t. You don’t deserve anything you get. You do absolutely nothing with your days, sitting hypnotized in front of the Xbox, easily wasting hours at a time. What kind of sad existence is that? You slag off Mick, who passed all his faults has spent years caring for you and keeping a roof over your head, and has been more of a father to you than our biological father ever was, don’t you dare deny it.

If that’s not bad enough, you have completely no regard for our mother at all. Your recent actions (or should I say inactions?) and attitude to everything other than what isn’t about you have led to my embarrassment to call you my brother and your reputation is far from anything to be proud of.  I know I myself am not any where near perfect, I’ve got my own faults just as every other human being does. But atleast I understand a small things called RESPECT for your own mother and father. After all, they did bring us into the world and gave their absolute everything to care for and love us as best they could.

You need a harsh reality check. Come off your high horse and stop being so difficult. It’s not all about you.

The hardest part about it is knowing that you were so lovely when you were little. What happened??
Cop on and be my little brother again, the one we all loved and cherished.

I know certain people who think the world of Alex will read this and think I’m wrong and such, but really as much as you think you know him fully, you don’t see the real Alex we have to deal with everyday. He isn’t half as ‘amazing and lovely’ as you think he is.


One thought on “Selfish you.

  1. moshface says:

    I hope Alex realises what you think and sorts himself out and changes his attitude towards your Mom and Dad. In a way i do think the world of Alex and he knows that so tell him from me to actually do sumfin bout the way he’s acting! x

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