A little something that cheered me up..

When mumma came back from her travels to the village she had a little package for me, shocked at first to what it could be I ravaged the tape of off the little box in anticipation. I soon realised what was inside the dainty box..
Sylviepop Copyright 2010 Not only was the box soo adorably small but it had really old retro-y looking zine paper scrunched up inside, not something necessarily interesting but I thought it was quite funky. (If you look closely in the back ground of the above photograph you can see my latest little project, thats still not quite finished! )

Sylviepop Copyright 2010Isn’t it beautiful?! It’s so light and easy to carry around as well. I’m utterly in love with it. I can’t wait to start taking snaps with this little beaut! Only thing is, because it’s vintage and a rare one, the paper provided is even more rare to find (unless you buy expired paper) and when it is found, it’s expensive. I don’t mind, it just means the pictures I do take with it will need more thought and will be more special to me.:]

Sylviepop Copyright 2010
I really like the blurryness to this picture, taken accidentally. My DSLR is playing up, I have a feeling it’s suffering from Alzheimer’s..
Sylviepop Copyright 2010 I just had to take a few snaps. It’s so hard not too really! Sylviepop Copyright 2010
I’ve named her Daria:)
Weird you say? Well if people are allowed to name their car’s why not name your camera’s too!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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