Ten* things I love Sunday (on Monday??!)

1. Tavi Gevinson. This girl started her fashion blog in 2008 when she was 11. She captured the attention of the Mulleavy sisters, who are the designers behind Rodarte. Last August she was on the cover of British magazine pop and has since been featured in Teen Vogue. This year she attended and stirred up controversy in Paris Fashion Week. This girl is thirteen years old, has more funk and guts than I’ve ever seen in such a young teenager and writes like an adult with passion. I love her work. She is an inspiration to all of us. See her blog here.

2. House. It is such an addictive series! I love watching it really late at night with a bowl of cereal:]

3. This website Where the Wolly Things Are. It’s so inspiring with its cute creations! If only I could knit or sew… Anyone willing to teach me?:)

4. My New Polaroid Camera Ooooh how I looooove it! I shall be uploading my first instant pretties as soon as I have film for it..Until then you’ll just have to wait I’m afraid.. But look here for some old instant pretties of my loved ones!

5. Left For Dead Via Xbox. Yeah I know I neeeeverrr play any type of console, cept for the odd occasion I want to have a bash with Tomb Raider. I usually can’t grasp the controls of Xbox but this game Left for Dead was awesome to play, and going hell for leather on the zombies is great fun! I never really take such games seriously though.. (when I play GTA my main objection is to see how many cop stars I can achieve by doing the least amount of things..)

6. Having Maria over! Yesterday, Maria came over for a good old catch up of what’s been going on. It was awesome seeing her again and spending time together:] I played hairdresser and piercist (is that a word?) with her haha, Cutting her hair up slightly choppy and giving her another ear piercing.

7. Blueberry Muller Rice. WHY do I only know about this now??! I fudging love blueberries!

8. Finally sorting my tank. My dear little Frogger is arriving a week this Friday, he was meant to arrive today (Monday) but due to some rather stupid employees not recognising the difference between a Green Tree Frog and a Cuban Frog, I now must wait another week and a bit. So now I have my tank fully ready for Yuki. (pronounce You-Key) Check the links, Is it really that hard to distinguish??

9. Heath Ledger’s Film I’m Not There. Being an obsessed H.L fan I am currently trying to own all of his filmography, I bought ‘I’m Not There’ today! It’s oscar nominated, about the live and song’s of Bob Dylan. So it looks good, I won’t know untill tomorrow when I watch it with…

10. SHANE!♥ Tomorrow I’m heading up to Cork to seeee him and spend a feew days with him:) YAY! I’m super excited, haven’t seen him since..well before he went into Hospital. So over a week! It’s going to be awesome! Don’t worry, I have a few post’s saved in my Drafts to post whilst I’m away. I’m not fully abandoning you!

*and because I’m late (again) posting my Ten Things, I shall add another new exciting one, just to make it that bit mooore interesting:]*

11. My new camera, cutesy of Ebay! It’s being sent from Hong Kong so I won’t have it for about 2 weeks, maybe? But all I’m telling you is… it’s a film camera, light blue in colour and the pictures will be awesommmme!
Chow now amigos ♥


One thought on “Ten* things I love Sunday (on Monday??!)

  1. moshface says:

    it was great seein you too sylv:) mom noticed the piercing last nite n she didnt look too pleased bt i told her it was all done clean n that n she said she actually quite likes it!:) and,i have to av m hair dwn for a while cuz she told me nt to let m dad see it yet! (dunno why tho,he did alot worse than gettin an ear piercing when he was my age>:[ )
    hope you av a nice few days at shanes:)xx

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