I’ve really sucked for posting this week and for this, I do apoligise…it’s just tough when I get so easily distracted!

I woke up today furiously itching my legs and knees..only to realise that Mr. O’Brien was too, itching away mad. No, we are not allergic to each other but we think we have been attacked by some slow acting bug from yesterday’s lovely little picnic in Fota wildlife gardens. Even though my legs look like I’ve been eaten alive by a swarm of bee’s I don’t mind, the picnic was well worth the bites! We’re not even sure if it was the bugs that were around yesterday.. Anyway! We have insect repellant and anti-itch creams so we’ll be okay:)

We had a pretty awesome day yesterday I have to say.. We went exploring through the Wildlife gardens and had a cute little picnic of green jelly and home-made samiche’s. (that’s sandwhiches for all you normal people..It’s just the way I say it!) Followed by some awesome tree climbing and discovering the most amazing pond I have ever seen! Then we headed into town to the cinema, (which is turning to be our second home these days) to be given complimentary free tickets to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World by Mr. O’ Brien’s friend (Thank you!) It was a really weird but also cool film, I quite liked it even though it was pretty strange in some parts, I do have to mention the person sitting across from me was highly annoying, clapping at every joke or funny part. I tried my very hardest to ignore him.

We finished off our perfect little day by paying Eddie Rockets a visit, scoffing our faces on Mahousive cheese burgers and fries, it was just sooo yummy! E.R’s Burger’s are HUGE! I was tempted to have a Knicker Bocker Glory but I probably would have burst! I’ll update this when I’m home with pictures:)

Also I had my first free Hot Shake yesterday, I had a dare-devil… it was nice but not half as nice as Crunchie Soya, Shane’s shake. I’m going with Soya from now on when it comes to Hot Shakes, They’re just TOO good!

I’ve got an idea stuck in my head and I think I might just go ahead with it. I won’t tell anyone yet incase I decide against this, but I really miss it and I reeaally want it baaccck! :]



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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